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I started as a Governor in September 2010, joining the Board of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School before taking on the role of Chair of Governors in September 2011. During my time as Chair the school moved premises, achieved the Ofsted Outstanding standard and the Board took on the role of responsibility for Copenhagen Primary School.  

After five years I stepped down from the role of Chair of Governors at the end of my term but remained very much involved as a Governor and chaired a number of committees. In 2017 the governors recognised that for the girls at EGA to really prosper and have the freedom that they needed to follow their individual paths in life, they needed to have the support and engagement of the men in their lives – their fathers, brothers, cousins and friends. They also recognised that it is essential for schools in the area to work closely together, so the Board adopted a strategy of growing the federation from two to four schools. I led the strategy working group, which was comprised of governors from all the schools involved. In September 2018, I was elected as Chair of Governors of Islington Futures, a federation of community schools. 

Now retired from full time work, I held several senior management roles in the private and charity sectors. My most recent role was that of Director of Corporate Services at Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, a role I held for five years until I retired in 2017. I miss my daily walk in the gardens on my way to work and I’m a passionate supporter of green spaces and outdoor activity for our mental health.

Alongside my busy role as Chair, I work to support a small charity, actively encourage social tennis in the local area and am a keen advocate of the value of singing.

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Jill McLaughlin
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