Development Plan 2020-2023

Kep Priorities:

  1. To ensure that all schools in the federation have a rich curriculum offer both in and out of the classroom so that all students gain appropriate qualifications, experience cultural enrichment and develop the skills and resilience to secure a successful future
  2. To develop our provision across our schools to ensure we meet the needs of students in terms of well being and emotional support
  3. To develop the resilience of the federation through strong leadership and governance structures and effective communications to ensure that the federation is able to withstand and flourish when change happens
  4. To explore future options for the federation which will meet the needs of our local population /communities
  5. To support the schools through a planned approach to optimising the use and care of resources across the federation in terms of staff, buildings, ICT and thus identify areas to work together to enhance the provision in our schools.
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